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I have been in the hair extensions business for over 25 years and have mastered the art of selecting the finest quality hair. During this time, hair companies have come and gone as I have witnessed extreme variations in distinction. This is why I am committed to offering only the very best hair and products to the community. Good value for the money spent.

Having had the privilege to be mentored by Odile Gilbert, and to work around the world with those at the top of their professions my clientele has included supermodels, singers, movie stars, politicians and diplomats, all of whom demand the best. In addition, it has been rewarding to customize wigs for men and women suffering from hair loss problems like alopecia as well as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. While working alongside doctors I learned about the causes of hair loss and its psychological consequences.

I am proud to offer the finest hand-picked, customized 100% human hair from around the world. At Do, your “do” matters!

Leo Brown



1667 Nostrand Avenue (at Beverley Road)
Brooklyn, NY 11226


Email: info@dohairbiz.com
Phone: (718)484-0829


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