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The phrase 100% human hair is often misused.
We, at Do, guarantee 100% human hair. Not only are we a distribution company but also a processing center. The most important part of our service is to offer our customers the best hair, every time.
Our hair is hand-picked by our team of hair experts who have collectively been in the business for over 50 years. Each batch of hair is carefully inspected to ensure that any potentially added synthetic fibers are removed; thus, guaranteeing only the highest quality human hair.
At Do we customize your color, texture and length whether it's loose hair or wefted you prefer. After hand-picking our hair it's divided into sections and carefully brushed. It is then ready for a soft shampooing and followed up with a European deep steam conditioning. The hair goes to bed for drying overnight, and the next morning it is ready for final inspection before going out on the floor for the day's sales.
Do offers every customer the luxury of a one-on-one consultation to select the best hair. We are able to personally provide your desired color, texture, length and the amount you need as our hair is sold by the weight. Our sewing department offers customized stitching including thin, regular and a little thicker sewn weft. Every weft is reinforced to prevent shedding.
We at Do invite you to join in the experience of a truly luxurious hairdo.



1667 Nostrand Avenue (at Beverley Road)
Brooklyn, NY 11226


Email: info@dohairbiz.com
Phone: (718)484-0829


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